Siamo alla Cop26 di Glasgow

Cop26 Glasgow: the People’s Summit for Climate Justice

Panel: Taking governments to court – stories of success from Europe.

November 8, 2021, 4:15 pm – Albany Centre, Suite

From the 7-10th November 2021, as world leaders meet to discuss our future, the COP26 Coalition will host The People’s Summit for Climate Justice.

The decisions made at COP26 will shape how governments respond (or not) to the climate crisis. But justice won’t be handed to us by world leaders or delivered by corporations. Only we can imagine and build the future that works for all of us. The solutions that we need already exist and are being practiced, but governments lack the political will to act. Indigenous and frontline communities have known the solutions for centuries.

On 7-10th November, we’re organising the People’s Summit as an alternative to business as usual of false solutions and inaction at the COP negotiations. The People’s Summit is a global convergence space for movements, campaigns and civil society – from indigenous struggles to trade unions, from racial justice groups to youth strikers. Join us in imaging our future, combining our knowledge and building the movement for climate justice from the ground up.

Our session:  “Taking governments to court – stories of success from Europe “


  • Angelo Gagliani,    editor of and campaigner for “Per il Clima, Fuori dal Fossile”
  • FFF Milano, Sergio Marchese, Climate Open Platform, in-person
  • Chantal Kassi, Erica Specchia, Gaia Leccese and Martina Destino (, video
  • Prof.ssa Margherita Ciervo, Università di Foggia, on Xylella case in Salento
  • Sara Mead, Urgenda, in-person
  • Lisa Goeldner, Greenpeace Germany, video
  • Caso Taranto
  • Gerry Liston, GLAN for Youth4Climate, video
  • Lucie Greyl, A Sud, Giudizio Universale, in-person

The new definitely program will update the original session program of august 2021 that you find here:

The proposed program for the session:

  • Introduction by Angelo Gagliani: preCop26 of Milan, Greta’s conclusion “Bla, bla, bla”, and a way to obtain climate justice by organizing climate cases against Governments
  • Fridays for Future Milano presents the undertaken actions for the preCop26 in Milan
  • Students of presents the importance of partecipation  in public consultations: the three levels of consultation:

1. in IEA (Impact Evaluation Assessments) for fossil projects,

2. in public consultations on National Energy Plans,

3. in “have your say” consultations at the European Commission and in class actions against national Governments.

The different climate justice cases in European countries: Urgenda, Youth4Climate, GLAN, GreenPeace, Giudizio Universale, Attuare La Costituzione

Link to integral video of the session:

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